While We're On The Subject Of Campaign Planes, Here's Obama's...

We’ve published pictures of the Romney campaign planes this morning (matching MD-83s, says a reader).

Here’s Mitt Romney’s.

And here’s Paul Ryan’s.

So now we’ll publish a picture of President Obama’s campaign plane.

Yes, it’s Air Force One–one of the two 747-200s that fly under that call sign. According to FOX Nation, the President’s entourage also sometimes avails itself of 9 other Air Force planes, which are used to fly all those black SUVs around.

This might seem unfair–Romney and Ryan schlepping around in skinny MD-83s while Obama luxuriates in a 747–but Obama’s still President, after all.

If Romney wins in November, he’ll be upgrading to this baby next January…

Obama Campaign Plane

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