Obama Called On HuffPo — A Blog! — During Press Conference (CLIP)


During the first press conference of his administration, President Obama called on Huffington Post’s Sam Stein to ask a question. It was the first time a President called on an Web-only publication during a press conference.

Meanwhile, Obama ignored journos from the Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Time and Newsweek.

After the presser, another political blogger, Anna Marie Cox, posted to Twitter: “LOTS of grumbling post-press conf about HuffPo getting a q; but accusing O of “filibustering” seems to ignore HuffPo q was smart and tough.”

Poor old-fashioned J-school graduates. Maybe they should petition their bosses to write an editorial about the injustice? We look forward to reading it two weeks from now.

Here’s the clip:

Obama Calls On HuffPo from AlleyInsider on YouTube.

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