CONFIRMED: Obama Was NOT Heckled By Red Sox Fans

obama pitching

The political news media was hijacked today by a debate over whether Boston donors heckled President Barack Obama last night over his tongue-in-cheek remark about the Red Sox’ trade of fan favourite Kevin Youkilis to the Chicago White Sox, or whether they were simply chanting “Yoouuuuuuk.” 

News reports and accounts have varied, so Business Insider found a third-party source who attended last night’s event at Boston’s Symphony Hall and confirmed that the crowd was indeed yelling “Youuukk.” 

“They were 100% yelling ‘Youk’ and not ‘boo,'” Andrew “Mook” Lawrence said in an exclusive interview with BI. “I go to a lot of Red Sox games, and every time Kevin Youkilis gets up, everyone yells ‘Youuuukkk.'”

“The K is silent,” he explained. 

Lawrence, a 25-year-old who works for a small-asset management firm in Boston, assured us that he wasn’t just trying to defend Obama. He’s a registered Republican, and said that he and the President “don’t see eye-to-eye” on a lot of issues. His got his ticket to the fundraiser from an acquaintance who could not attend the event. 

“Obviously, it’s an incredible opportunity to hear the President of the United States speak,” Lawrence said, adding that he was impressed by Obama’s stage presence. “He’s very good at what he does.” 

And despite his political opinions, Lawrence said he was “100%” sure that the crowd wasn’t booing Obama. 

But is he sure the crowd wasn’t yelling for him? 

“They could have been yelling ‘Moooook,'” he laughed. “I never thought about that.” 

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