Obama Is Still Winning The Polls On Women

Barack Obama womenA lot of women are still behind Obama.

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The first Quinnipiac poll of the general election season is out this morning, and it shows that President Obama is leading Mitt Romney overall. Why? Because despite everything — and they have done a lot — Republicans and Mitt Romney simply cannot attract women. 

Obama has a 10-point advantage among women, propelling him to an overall 46 to 42 per cent lead over Romney. Going along with that, Obama is perceived better on women’s issues by a 20-point margin. 

Let’s compare: In February, Quinnipiac did theoretical matchups with the Republican candidates. Obama led Romney then 47 to 44 per cent. And he has actually grown his support among women since that poll.

Quinnipiac April poll

Photo: Quinnipiac.edu

Romney and the Republican Party are doing their best. Over the past couple weeks, they have blasted countless emails and held conference calls strictly on the topic of how the President’s economic policies have “failed” women. Romney has thrown out a stat repeatedly that 92.3 per cent of jobs lost under Obama have been among women, a number that has been widely debunked. Then there was the flap over Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen’s comments on Ann Romney last week, which led to a firestorm. Beth Myers, who is now leading Romney’s vice presidential search, sent out an email last week entitled “War On mums.” 

None of that is making a difference — at least in the polls. 

“The presidential race remains tight. With Gov. Mitt Romney now the de facto Republican nominee, a look at how the two men are perceived by the electorate reflects much of the historic differences between the two parties in close elections, which this seems likely to be,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. 

But despite the advantage with women, there are reasons Obama should be concerned. For one, he continues to lose among IndependentsMore to come on that later today.

And on the most important issues, voters continue to trust Romney. On the economy, he leads 47 to 43 per cent. On creating jobs, 45 to 42 per cent. And on managing gas prices, he leads by a whopping 13 points. 

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