Here's Evidence That Obama Is Losing The Negative Ad Wars

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With the campaign taking a negative turn over the past few weeks, the most interesting nugget in Purple Strategies’ new poll of 12 swing states measures the effectiveness of one of Obama’s negative ad messages vs. one of Romney’s. And among crucial Independent voters, it’s Romney who comes out on top. Here’s the question Purple Strategies asked voters in the 12 swing states.

Which of the following statements comes closer to your view?

1) I won’t vote for Barack Obama because he can’t create jobs, improve our economy or reduce the
deficit, and his health care law is all wrong. He’s a failure as president.

2) I won’t vote for Mitt Romney because as CEO of Bain Capital he got rich outsourcing American
jobs to China and India while putting his millions in offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands. He’s too out of touch to be president.

Among the crucial Independent voters in these states, Romney’s argument wins with 5 per cent more voters — 47 per cent to 42 per cent.

The two have become standard arguments for the campaigns. The Obama campaign has pressed outsourcing as a central theme of Romney’s Bain years in question — 1999 to 2002. Meanwhile, Romney’s favourite hits on Obama are the economy, creating jobs and the need to “repeal Obamacare.”

Purple Strategies pollster Doug Usher pointed out that, in a separate question, voters have reacted more unfavorably to learning new things about Mitt Romney. More voters (38 per cent) view him unfavorably than favourably (26 per cent) after learning something new about him. Obama’s argument on the crucial question above also wins him more voters in Colorado (+1), Virginia (+2), and Ohio (+1), but there’s no Independent breakdown available. 

“With months of negative ads ahead of us, there’s plenty of room for movement on both sides,” he writes.

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