Obama's Approval Ratings On Economic Issues Are Miserable

obama sad

President Barack Obama continues to earn extremely low approval ratings on economic issues, which continue to put his re-election in doubt. A new Gallup survey finds some of the lowest marks for Obama on economic indicators that the polling company has measured. 

On the overall economy, Obama gets a 36 per cent approval rating, while 60 per cent disapprove. Just 37 per cent approve of his work creating jobs (58 per cent disapprove). And on the federal budget deficit, Obama gets an awful 30-64 approval-to-disapproval split. 

His other approval ratings are mostly positive. Here’s a look at the issues from Gallup:

Barack Obama approval ratings

It’s hard to tell where this leaves Obama’s re-election prospects, but historical precedents don’t bode well for the president. At this point in 1992, George H.W. Bush — who wasn’t re-elected — only had an 18 per cent approval rating on the economy. Ronald Reagan, who was re-elected, had a 50 per cent approval rating there. And George W. Bush sat with a 46 per cent economic approval rating.

On the bright side for Obama, however, his approval rating on the handling of the federal budget deficit actually outpaces the Reagan’s in 1984. And overall, his number on the economy has jumped 10 points in the past year. 

Gallup’s Lydia Saad writes that Obama should “focus singularly on raising his approval rating on the economy.” Which is easier said than done.

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