Republicans Are Getting Hammered For Their Handling Of The Fiscal Cliff Talks

John Boehner Eric Cantor

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In another sign that Republicans could have a tough time winning a public-opinion battle over a deal to avert the fiscal cliff, a new Gallup poll released Tuesday displays staggeringly low approval ratings for Congressional Republicans on their handling of the negotiations thus far.The poll finds that only 27 per cent of respondents approve of how Republican leaders in Congress are handling negotiations on the fiscal cliff so far. An astounding 63 per cent disapprove. By comparison, 52 per cent approve of President Barack Obama’s handling, while only 43 per cent disapprove.

Here’s a look at the disparity, which is especially great among Independents:

Gallup poll

Earlier on Tuesday, a Washington Post/Pew Research poll found that 53 per cent of Americans would blame Republicans if no deal is reached. Only 27 per cent said they would blame Obama. 

Gallup also found that 58 per cent of Americans think it’s at least somewhat likely that the two parties reach an agreement before the Jan. 1 deadline. Democrats (77 per cent) are much more likely than Republicans (only 43 per cent) to think that a deal will happen.