Obama’s Approval Rating Has Reached Its Highest Point Since Osama Bin Laden’s Death

Barack Obama smile

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President Barack Obama’s approval rating in a new CBS poll has reached a sky-high 57 per cent, the highest mark since the death of Osama bin Laden in May 2011. Obama’s approval rating has consistently been 50 per cent in the wake of his re-election victory. 

The 57 per cent mark in the CBS poll is significant for the president. It represents the highest point of approval in that survey since the killing of bin Laden. And it’s an incredible 16-point bump from March, when his approval rating sunk to a new low of 41 per cent as the economy slumbered along and gas prices rose.

Just 37 per cent disapprove of Obama’s job performance in the CBS poll. The 57-37 approval-to-disapproval split is the same from May 2011.

Among self-identified Independents, Obama earns a 53 per cent approval rating, while the same 37 per cent disapprove. An astounding 90 per cent of Democrats approve of the job he’s doing.

The President has also earned a bump on specific issues. The public is now evenly split 47-47 on his handling of the economy. In March, only 39 per cent approved in that category. On foreign policy, people approve by a 51-32 split, a 19-point swing from March. And on “handling the threat of terrorism,” Obama’s approval rating sits at a sky-high 60 per cent.