Obama's Approval Rating Plummets, And Among Young People The Drop Is Stunning

Barack Obama sad worried

A new CNN poll provides the sharpest evidence yet that a month of scandals (IRS, Benghazi, AP, leaks, etc.) is taking its toll on President Obama’s approval rating.

A full breakdown of the poll can be downloaded here (.pdf) but the key datapoints are as follows:

  • General job approval is down from 53% in May to 45% now.
  • Approval on the economy is down 2 points, to 42%.
  • On foreign affairs, Obama has fallen 5 points to 44%.
  • On illegal immigration, Obama’s disapproval is up to 56%.
  • 49% of respondents say Obama is honest/trustworthy, a big drop from 58% in the last reading.
  • Among those aged under 30, Obama has seen a 17% (!) drop in approval.

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