Scandals In DC Aren't Dragging Down Obama's Approval

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There’s a new WSJ/NBC poll, which casts light on the extent to which the big DC scandals (Benghazi, IRS, etc.) are taking a toll on the President’s approval rating.

The answer: They’re not.

Still, despite the negative tone of much news coverage of the controversies, President Barack Obama has survived so far with his personal image largely intact. Some 48% approved of the job he is doing as president and 47% disapproved, matching his rating in a Journal/NBC poll in April.

Americans at this point don’t hold the president personally responsible for any of the three major controversies that have dominated Washington since early May, the Journal/NBC poll found. In each case, the share saying Mr. Obama isn’t responsible or only slightly responsible was larger than those who say he is mainly or totally responsible.

The key thing Obama has going for him is that people aren’t associating the actions of the IRS directly to him, or holding him responsible. He does get a bit more blame for Benghazi, though it’s skewed towards conservatives, and it’s not a majority.

Download the poll here —>

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