Obama's Wall Street Bromances Are Rekinding: First Jamie Dimon, Now UBS

obama jamie dimon

Well it had obviously gone on long enough – this lovers quarrel between Obama and Wall Street.

Because today was the second time in one week that the President has had a date with Wall Street Honchos.

Last week he met up with his old banker BFF, Jamie Dimon, and today it was UBS Americas Chairman Robert Wolf.

Obviously Jamie is special; he was invited for a one-on-one strategy session at the White House.

Wolf was part of a coterie of 20 executives meeting with Obama outside of his home today, to discuss investment, jobs and the recovery. The only other Wall Street representative was Kenneth Chenault of American Express. Still, Wolf is the only bank exec to have made the cut, so that says something.

From Bloomberg,

Obama is generating more optimism among CEOs after a series of business-friendly overtures, including a deal to extend tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003 and efforts to boost exports such as a U.S.-South Korea free-trade agreement and a loosening of controls on some technology sales.

“Things were said on both sides that shouldn’t have been and did not further the opportunity to work together,” Honeywell CEO David Cote. “I give the president a lot of credit for being the man big enough to say ‘Let’s restart, let’s work on how do we create a more vibrant economy.'”

Time heals all wounds.

For more details go to Bloomberg >

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