Obama And Allies Agree To 'Coordinate' Response To Russia

President Barack Obama had a telephone conversation Saturday afternoon with French President Francois Hollande and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. According to a readout of the call distributed by the White House press office, all three leaders “agreed that Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected, and expressed their grave concern over Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.”

“The leaders agreed to continue to coordinate closely, including bilaterally, and through appropriate international organisations,” the readout said. “The leaders affirmed the importance of unity within the international community in support of international law, and the future of Ukraine and its democracy. The leaders also pledged to work together on a package of support and assistance to help Ukraine as it pursues reforms and stabilizes its economy.”

President Obama also spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin Saturday. The White House said Obama warned Russia’s military intervention in the Ukranian region of Crimea could lead to “political and economic isolation.” A growing chorus of Republicans have urged Obama to respond to Russia’s actions.

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