Obama: Actually John McCain And I Weren’t All That Different In 2008

Barack Obama Flag

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Yesterday, Barack Obama attended four fundraisers in New York City, and tried to emphasise the stakes of the 2012 election, implying that Republicans are more radical than ever.But he did so by saying that, in a lot of ways, he and John McCain were pretty similar. He told the audience at the Apollo theatre, “This year is going to be as stark a choice as we have seen — a starker choice than we saw in 2008.” He continued:

“In 2008, I was running against a Republican nominee who agreed that we should ban torture, agreed that we should close Guantanamo, believed in climate change, had worked on immigration reform. And so as profound as the differences were between myself and John McCain, there was some sense of convergence when it came to some very important issues.”

Obama added, “If you’ve been listening to the Republican debates, they have moved. I’ve stayed here.”

“The Republicans in Congress, the candidates running for President, they’ve got a very specific idea about where they want to take this country.”  Obama told supporters, “They want to reduce the deficit by gutting our investments in education, by gutting our investments in research and technology, by letting our roads and our bridges and our airports deteriorate.”

This is odd because his election in 2008 was premised on the idea that he was an entirely different kind of candidate: CHANGE. 

(via) Washington Examiner