Majority of the Oakland Raiders sit for the national anthem before kickoff of Sunday Night Football

After an NFL Sunday marked by players demonstrating in solidarity during the national anthem the Oakland Raiders capped off the night with one of the strongest displays in the league.

Ahead of their Sunday Night Football matchup against the Washington Redskins, the majority of the team sat during the anthem while playing in Washington D.C., just miles from the White House. While fans expected the Raiders offensive line to sit, it was striking to see just how many of their teammates sat or knelt with them as the flag unfurled in the nation’s capitol during what is sure to be the most watched game of the day.

During the broadcast, NBC sideline reporter Michele Tafoya reported that while speaking with Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio, she was told that the team would have preferred to stay in the locker room during the ceremony, but due to time restrictions during primetime games, doing so would have resulted in the team forfeiting the coin toss and a 15-yard penalty.

While the majority of players sat out the anthem, there were a few that stood through the song. Most notably quarterback Derek Carr, a devout Catholic, was seen praying through the moment.

On the Redskins sideline there were a few players who chose to kneel, while others stood with arms linked, with owner Dan Snyder, who donated $US1 million to Trump ahead of his inauguration, joining them in line.

You can check out details of how more teams across the league handled the national anthem this week here.

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