CALLING NEW YORK STARTUPS: Here's How To Get Your Slice Of SXSW Hype

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To give New York startups as much visibility as possible during the South By Southwest (SXSW) conference, a bunch of New York tech people have banded together to create New York By Southwest (NYXSW).South By Southwest (SXSW) is a huge tech festival in Austin where all the digerati get together to go to concerts, chat and hype new startups. It’s where Twitter and Foursquare took off, so it’s a big deal.

The main backers are community group We Are NY Tech, professional networking startup Hashable and a few others. Missing from the list of involved companies: Foursquare, which is the hottest startup in New York, has benefited a lot from SXSW, and apparently has big SXSW plans this year.

NYXSW lets you see who are the other New York startups and tech people going and cross-promote them. It’s a nice effort to help NYC startups get the most visibility in one of the crucial tech events of the year. The site has a wacky design which is sure to impress, with pictures of John Lennon with a taco (because why not?) and the Rent Is Too Damn High guy. Click here to check out NYXSW →

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