I tried an $11 lipstick that claims to be smudge-proof, and it worked so well that I had trouble taking it off

Amanda Krause/InsiderI recently tried three shades of the NYX Shine Loud High-Shine lipstick.
  • NYX recently launched its Shine Loud High-Shine Lip Colour, an $US11.50 lipstick and lip-gloss combo that’s said to be transfer-proof.
  • I tested three shades and found that the lipsticks didn’t transfer, even after wearing a mask and eating fast food.
  • I also appreciate that the lip products are vegan, inexpensive, and sold in a wide variety of shades.
  • Though I wouldn’t consider them my all-time favourite lip products, I would recommend them to people looking for long-lasting colour.
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Beauty products are always going viral on TikTok, but few have piqued my interest quite like the Shine Loud High-Shine Lip Colour from NYX.

According to the brand’s website, the $US11.50 product is meant to create bold lip looks that are both glossy and smudge-proof. It’s also vegan and meant to last for up to 16 hours. Though that description sounded too good to be true when I first read it, numerous TikTok users have sworn in recent videos that the lipstick-lip-gloss hybrid delivers on its promises.

That being said, I knew I had to try it for myself. Here’s how NYX’s newest lip product worked in my experience, from wearing it while working to seeing how it held up after lunch.

NYX recently released a glossy lip product that’s said to be smudge-proof — and TikTok users can’t get enough of it

I first came across the Shine Loud High-Shine Lip Colour at the end of December when makeup artist Stephanie Valentine reviewed the product on TikTok. She first showed herself applying the matte lipstick and shiny, oil-infused topcoat, and later revealed that she was able to press her fingers against her lips without transferring any colour.

In the following days, I came across similar videos from countless others, including makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts, and even sceptics who all tried and seemingly loved the product.

At the time of writing, the Shine Loud High-Shine Lip Colour is sold in 24 shades ranging from simple nudes to bright blues and purples. All shades but two are currently sold out on the NYX website, though others can be found through Ulta Beauty and at stores where NYX products are sold.

I tested three shades myself: a classic pink, a berry red, and a deep terracotta

According to the NYX website, you’re meant to apply the matte lip colour first, allow it to dry for 90 seconds, and then apply the glossy topcoat.

I did just that with the shade Cash Flow and was impressed for the first 15 seconds or so. The lipstick originally felt smooth and comfortable, and it looked opaque and shiny on my lips. Unfortunately, the product became less pleasant as it dried. I couldn’t even move my lips without them sticking together and creating creases in the lip colour.

By the time 90 seconds were up, my lips felt extremely dry, sticky, and uncomfortable. Any cracks and fine lines in my lips had also become enhanced as the product settled.

NYX lipstick reviewAmanda Krause/InsiderThe matte lipstick layer is extremely sticky and dry, in my opinion.

Luckily, the glossy topcoat changed that. In my experience, my lips felt smooth and moisturized immediately after adding the second layer.

I then wore the lip combo for about 10 minutes, and eventually tested the transfer-proof claims the same way I’d seen so many others do on TikTok.

I pressed two fingers to my lips, and unfortunately found that lots of lip gloss transferred. That being said, the pink colour didn’t budge, and my lips were still mostly coated in a nice shine, so I was impressed overall.

Nyx lip gloss reviewAmanda Krause/InsiderThe glossy layer did transfer, but the matte colour didn’t.

In my experience, the NYX lipstick really doesn’t transfer — even after wearing a mask and eating fast food

The next shade I tried was a berry red called Goal Getter. I made sure not to rub my lips together after the first coat had dried, and unlike my previous attempt, I found that the lip colour looked smooth and opaque rather than cracked and dry.

Nyx shine loud reviewAmanda Krause/InsiderI really love the shade Goal Getter.

From there, I grabbed a mask, hopped in my car, and went to buy some of the greasiest food I could find: McDonald’s.

Though I was curious how the lipstick would hold up after a meal of french fries and soda, I was also interested to see how it would fare with a mask worn over it. In my experience, it did so perfectly. No lipstick or lip gloss transferred to my mask, and they instead looked freshly applied on my lips.

Nyx smudgeproof lipstick reviewAmanda Krause/InsiderAmazingly, no lipstick or gloss transferred to my mask.

I was even more impressed after eating. The lip product didn’t transfer to my straw when drinking, and it didn’t become patchy when eating lunch.

Some salt and crumbs did stick to the gloss, as they would with most lip products. But because the matte colour is so transfer-proof, I was able to wipe off the food by using a napkin, and still not remove any colour in the process.

Nyx reviewAmanda Krause/InsiderEven after eating McDonald’s, my lipstick looked great.

My lips also had a slight sheen by the time I got home, though they weren’t nearly as glossy as when I first applied the product. I added a little more product to my lips and continued to wear both layers until I removed my makeup that night.

In my experience, the lip colour lasted from approximately 12 p.m. until 11:30 p.m., and the shine also held up for hours, only transferring when I ate or drank.

There are a few minor problems with this popular lipstick

The first two shades I tried — Cash Flow and Goal Getter — worked like a charm. The shade Boundary Pusher, on the other hand, was a bit more difficult to work with. Mine came with a bent applicator that made it difficult to apply the product evenly.

Nyx lipstick brushesAmanda Krause/InsiderA standard lipstick applicator (left), and a damaged one (right).

Normally, I wouldn’t make much of a small production error. After all, the product is still usable, even with a faulty brush. That being said, I’ve noticed others have faced the same problem.

@rosaspurgyAYO NYXXXX #fyp#makeup#nyx#foryou#nyxcosmetics#ulta#nyxlipstick#lipstick

loriginal sound – Rosa Spurgeon

More frustrating than the brush, in my opinion, is the fact that you can’t wear the matte lip colour on its own. It feels far too sticky and uncomfortable without the gloss applied on top, making the product less versatile overall. And because I found myself touching up the gloss throughout the day, I worry that I’ll run out of one product before the other.

The lipstick was also so transfer-proof that I had trouble removing it at the end of the day. A standard makeup wipe barely worked. Instead, it took an oil-infused makeup-removing balm to erase all the colour.

While that wouldn’t be an issue for me day-to-day — I don’t typically use makeup wipes — I do worry that if I wanted to remove the lip product mid-day, I’d have to wait until I had access to a heavy-duty makeup remover.

I can see why the NYX lip product has received so much hype online, even if it’s not my cup of tea

Overall, I was impressed with these TikTok-famous lipsticks. They delivered on the promise of being transfer-proof, and the oil-infused topcoat made my lips feel hydrated and plump. I also appreciate that they’re vegan, costs less than $US15, and are sold in a wide variety of colours.

Still, I’m not sure they’re going to replace any of my favourite lipsticks or glosses. I prefer wearing one lip product at a time, and I personally found the matte lipstick too sticky and dry to want to wear it all day — even with a glossy layer on top of it.

As is the case with many beauty products, your personal makeup preferences will determine whether or not this lipstick and lip-gloss combo is for you. But personally, I think they’re ultimately worth trying, even if only because they’re unlike most lipsticks on the market.

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