New York University unveiled a program where college students live with senior citizens to save money on housing

Senior HomeFlickr / BromfordStudents would live in the spare bedrooms of local senior citizens and would cut their roughly $14,000-per-year housing bill in half.

New York University (NYU), a private university located in Manhattan, has unveiled a
pilot program plan to save college students on housing.

Deemed the “home stay” program, students would live in the spare bedrooms of local senior citizens and would cut their roughly $14,000-per-year housing bill in half, The New York Post reported.

The plan seems to be a common-sense solution to living in the
most expensive city in the world in terms of student accommodation.

Other students, such as Gallatin junior Maddie Perlmutter, believe that there is still more to be done to aid students struggling with housing costs.

“Housing is and has been an issue for NYU students, and I believe that this could possibly remedy it for some people but, I don’t think that it will make a very large impact,” Perlmutter, a student in NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, t
old the Washington Square News.

“The committee must continue seeking widespread alternatives to lower costs in the residence halls, the option most used by the NYU student population,” she continued to the News, the student newspaper of NYU.

In addition to students saving money, the seniors involved would also get additional money from the agreement.

Other universities around the nation, like the University of Illinois, have also rolled out similar experiments to some success.

“I lived with roommates my own age, and it wasn’t a positive living experience,” Christina Larson, a student at the Illinois, told The Post. “Here everyone gets along. We watch a lot of ‘Star Trek’ together. Everyone is really laid back. The most important job I have is grocery shopping.”

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