NYU PROFESSOR: Put Away Your Laptops, Or Drop Out And Enroll In The University Of Phoenix

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Laptops have been a hotly contested piece of technology in schools since their rise, and college professors everywhere have differing opinions — and rules — about devices in their classrooms.NYU Local interviewed Professor Vincent Renzi, director of the MAP program’s Foundation of Scientific inquiry, who teaches humanities, arts and social sciences.

He has a particularly strong opinions about the usefulness of laptops.

Renzi doesn’t allow laptops in class, and if you don’t like it, he suggests that you “drop out of NYU and go enroll in the University of Phoenix.

What are his problems with laptops? Renzi provides NYU Local three reasons:

1) They create a physical barrier between instructor and student

Renzi believes that paper is the perfect tool for the classroom, and anything more complicated like laptops are a threat to “immediate interpersonal communication.” Just because the technology exists doesn’t mean everyone has to use it in the classroom.

2) They encourage outright transcription, instead of real note-taking

Laptops let you take notes faster, so you’re able to transcribe almost everything a person says instead of actually listening to the instructor and taking in the information.

3) They tempt students to mess around on the internet

The internet can be one gigantic unlimited distraction for students — games, shopping, social media and more. “That’s not a temptation they have when they’re sitting there with a piece of paper in front of them,” Renzi told NYU Local.

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