NYT's David Carr Takes Sun Valley

Andrew Ross Sorkin is on his well-deserved honeymoon, so the New York Times had to hunt for someone else to “lurk around and jump out of bushes on people” at Allen & Co.’s Sun Valley media schmooze.  David Carr, the Times’ media columnist, explained that “everyone agreed” that he was the right guy, and we concur. 

David’s last-minute booking required a stopover in LAX, so he’s hoping to snag a Bartiromo-style private jet ride for the trip home (space, anyone?).  Meanwhile, David’s more pressing dilemmas include: 1) What to do while the other attendees enjoy the journalist-free “programming”, 2) whether to wear Bermuda shorts or “big-boy pants”, and 3) what opening line to use when he jumps out of the bushes in front of Rupert Murdoch.

We wish David well in his travels and hereby anoint him our official Sun Valley correspondent.  That is, unless we can persuade ex-Oddcast’s Charlie Odonnell to stop by on his drive to the west coast.

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