NYT Reviewer Responds To Elon Musk: I Did What Tesla Told Me To Do

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Photo: Phil Denton / Creative Commons

The New York Times’ John Broder has responded to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s point-by-point response to his review of the company’s Model S car, and basically says Tesla’s own employees instructed him to do everything Musk took him to task for:Beginning early in the morning of my second day with the car, after the projected range had dropped precipitously while parked overnight, I spoke numerous times with Christina Ra, Tesla’s spokeswoman at the time, and Ted Merendino, a Tesla product planner at the company’s headquarters in California.

They told me that the loss of battery power when parked overnight could be restored by properly “conditioning” the battery, a half-hour process, which I undertook by sitting in the car with the heat on low, as they instructed. That proved ineffective; the conditioning process actually reduced the range by 24 per cent (to 19 miles, from 25 miles).

Broder goes on to provide his own point-by-point response to Musk’s allegations.

Check it out at NYTimes.com >

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