The Charming Story Of How A New York Times Journalist Thought Sandy Weill Was An Umbrella Maker

Sandy Weill

Photo: Bloomberg

Amanda Gordon’s “Scene Last Night” column for Bloomberg has a funny story about the first time famed New York Times’ photographer Bill Cunningham met Citigroup’s former CEO Sandy Weill.Cunningham, who is known for going around with his camera snapping pictures, was being honored with the Carnegie Hall Medal of Excellence at the Waldorf-Astoria last night with a bunch of Wall Streeters, including Weill in attendance.

Here’s how he recalled meeting the CEO, who was at the helm of Citi when it was still merged with travellers. 

From Bloomberg:

Cunningham first spotted Weill without his jacket, at a gala in a very hot tent.

“I couldn’t believe it, so I asked who he was. The press agent said he ran a company, couldn’t remember the name but the logo was an umbrella. So I thought, ‘He’s an umbrella maker?'”

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