Earth Is Round; NYT Web Visitors Up Post-TimesSelect


As we had anticipated, the New York Times’ (NYT) Web traffic has increased substantially since dropping the “TimesSelect” subscription wall from its op-ed section and archives. The number of unique visitors to NYT’s Opinion section, where the paper’s star columnists had been walled off, has more than doubled in the last month, Compete reports. Meanwhile overall NYT uniques are up 10% in the same period. From Compete:

The Op-Ed section reached 560,057 unique visitors last week, up from 245,942 for the week ending 09/15/07, while overall site traffic hovered around 3.8M, up from 3.4M in the same period. Op-Ed columns have also driven major viral traffic, claiming 4 out of 5 Most E-Mailed stories in today’s online edition.

Compete via Valleywag, whose new, New York-based ‘Alleywag’ Nicholas Carlson is churning out copy: By our count, he’s at 11 12  posts today. Nicholas: Nice work — but pace yourself, you’re making the rest of us look bad.

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