NYT Twitter Followers Love NYT Twitter Story

The New York Times (NYT), like many news outlets, has been writing a lot about Twitter lately. In part because it’s an interesting, fast-growing company making a lot of news.

And also, no doubt, because it has a built-in audience — Twitter itself.

For instance, this lengthy story about things people and companies do with Twitter — which includes lots of stuff many Twitter users already know about Twitter — is the most popular link on the NYT Twitter account today. With 5,100 clicks, that’s the most all day, according to NYT staffer Jacob Harris.

Meanwhile, the story listed as the “most e-mailed” on the Times‘ site — about a laid-off lawyer about to take an around-the-world trip — has just 4,500 clicks via the NYT Twitter account. And this story about stadium toilets has about 3,600 clicks.

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