NYT Tech God Pogue TRASHES Quora

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Hot question and answer site Quora is confusing for normal people and right now good only for finding info on niche, technical topics. At least that’s what the NYT’s tech demigod David Pogue says in a blog post skewering the service.All publicity is good publicity, we guess — we don’t mean this ironically: plenty of people who read Pogue have never heard of Quora, and some of them will check it out now.

Here are Pogue’s main beefs against the service:

  • Most of the valuable info is about niche tech subjects. Pogue decided to try out the site to find a summer camp for his son — no luck.
  • The site is very confusing. This is even more damning, given how much attention Quora evidently pays to design. Pogue wonders why the site asks you to sign up using Facebook AND asks you to submit an email address and password. It’s confusing to ask people who just sign up to “follow” people and topics when they want to sign up to ask a question. The search box is not labelled as a search box (the button says “Ask Question”). And so on.

That’s got to hurt for the people at Quora. Even people who think Quora will fail will admit that the site is very well designed. Quora is blowing up, but it remains an open question as to a) whether it will become mainstream and b) if it does so, whether it will sink into a cesspool like most big Q&A sites.

Count Pogue among the pessimists.

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