Here's The NYT Presentation Explaining Its Paywall

New York Times

After years of discussion the New York Times finally announced its long-awaited paywall subscription plan this morning at the annual State of the Times meeting with employees.

In their release the NYT included the PowerPoint presentation they used to explain the paywall and presumably reassure advertisers, users, and employees that it’s a good idea. 

Much of the presentation focuses on the number of users their website and apps have attracted. 

The short version being that the NYT appears convinced that a) they have enough regular online readers that a paywall is feasible.  And b) they have enough online readers that not to have a paywall is basically the equivalent of burning money.

Highlights from the presentation include:

  • The audience attracts 48.5 million monthly users worldwide vs. 876,638 daily print subscribers and 1.35 million Sunday subscribers.
  • NYT mobile web apps generated 111 million page views in February.  And there has been 1.6million downloads of Time apps.
  • 80% of top print advertisers also advertise online.

How it will affect users:

  • The change will primarily affect heavy users of the NYT as such advertisers will be able to reach users who have demonstrated affinity to NYT.
  • Readers will get unlimited access to homepage, section fronts and blog fronts and reader contributions and listings and search results pages.

Also interesting: The NYT notes “affluent women” like to read the NYT, they represent 30% of NYT weekday and Sunday readership.  Presumably, also affluent men, though they don’t break out a specific number for the males.

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