Another NYT Innovation We Like (We Think): Stories Via Text Message

David Brooks just sent us a text message. Kind of.

The New York Times’ clever dot-com division has launched a service its says will let users read the paper’s stories via text message. We’re hedging a bit because in our test, the Times didn’t actually send us a full Brooks column via text – it sent us a headline and a link back to the NYT’s mobile site for the rest of the story. And that’s neat, but much less useful then full text via text message.

Anyway, here’s how the Times’ press release says the system is supposed to work: Send a keyword via text to 698698 (NYTNYT), and the Times sends you back either the first three stories in a given section or the latest column from any of its columnists.

Keywords link to any section of the Times; “latest” delivers the front page, for example. Columnists are delivered by last name, so “Nocera” gets you the Times’ ace business columnist Joe Nocera. Might want to remove the mittens so as not to mix up Kristof and Kristol.

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