POGUE: The iPhone 5 'Is Beautiful' And 'Startlingly' Thin, But I Have One Complaint

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Photo: AP

New York Times gadget guru David Pogue loves the iPhone 5 but has one rather tiny quibble.He doesn’t like that Apple changed the connector cable for the iPhone. He thinks that’s annoying.

Other than that, he thinks the phone is fantastic.

Here are the highlights from his review:

  • “The new phone, in all black or white, is beautiful.”
  • “This iPhone is so light, tall and flat, it’s well on its way to becoming a bookmark.”
  • Of the big screen, “It’s a nice but not life-changing change.”
  • “Few people complained about the old phone’s speed, but this one certainly zips.”
  • “In practical terms, you encounter fewer days when the battery dies by dinnertime”
  • “The camera is among the best ever put into a phone.”

Read it at the NYT >

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