NYT Accused Of Whitewashing Sexual Harassment By Ad Photographer Terry Richardson—Here's Today's Ad Brief

terry richardson sisley

Jezebel has a brutal rebuttal to the New York Times’ reporting on fashion photographer Terry Richardson‘s alleged sexual harrassment on models less than half his age. (At right: Richardson’s ad work for apparel chain Sisley.)

Gawker creator Nick Denton has come up with a few ridiculous ideas for a gay-rights campaign with winning catch phrases that include: “Gay marriage? Whatever. More pussy for me.”

Copyranter has found a seventh grader who will make a hilarious copywriter. Read his hilarious newspaper ad contest entry here.

Artist Rinee Shah has created prints inspired by Seinfeld’s greatest food moments.

Harley Davidson owners have come up with their own social media campaign to get people to buy bikes. Now that’s what I call a dedicated consumer base.

After two years, WPP’s Ogilvy & Mather has parted ways with Kraft’s Honey Maid (i.e. graham crackers) account. They still work on Kraft’s Cadbury and Tang abroad.

Greg Griffith has been hired as a creative director/composer at Elias Arts’ New York office.

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