NYSE CEO Has 'Choice Words' For The Tweeter Who Said There Was 3ft Of Water On The Trading Floor

It isn’t every day that you get to see the word “huckster” on Twitter, but today it seems fairly appropriate.

NYSE Chief Duncan Niederauer spoke at Crain’s New York’s Future of New York Conference this morning, and while we weren’t there, we saw some great Tweets about it.

They have to do with @ComfortablySmug, the 29 year-old hedge fund analyst and former GOP campaign manager who tweeted that there was 3 feet of water on the floor of the NYSE during Hurricane Sandy. He’s since apologized for the tweet, and hasn’t tweeted since…

But that hasn’t mollified Niederauer, apparently.

During his speech, according to tweets from Crain’s and one of its editors, the NYSE head said he’d like to speak to the young fellow.

From Crain’s:

crains tweet

From Crain’s editor, Jeremy Smerd:

crains editor tweet

Could be good to talk it out, no?

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