The NYPD Says Iran Conducted Surveillance In New York City

new york bankThe Bank of New York Building at 48 Wall Street.

Photo: Flickr/wallyg

Law enforcement has interviewed at least 13 people since 2005 with ties to Iran’s government who were seen taking pictures of New York City landmarks, according to a senior New York Police Department official and reported by Eileen Sullivan of The Associated Press.Police consider the activity to be pre-operational surveillance. The 13 people interviewed were ultimately released.

From AP:

Mitchell Silber, the NYPD’s director of intelligence analysis, told Congress that New York’s international significance as a terror target and its large Jewish population make the city a likely place for Iran or its proxy terrorist group, Hezbollah, to strike.

U.S. officials worry that Iran would use Hezbollah to carry out attacks inside the United States, especially as tensions between the U.S. and Iran have escalated in recent months.

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