This Is All It Takes To Pass The NYPD's Recruitment Test

nypd testing centreThe testing centre

Photo: Abby Rogers/Business Insider

They’re allowed to carry guns and are tasked with protecting one of the biggest, most famous cities in the world.So, you’d think any police officer hopefuls would have to jump through hoops to work for the famed NYPD.

As it turns out, it’s pretty easy — at least in the beginning.

I arrived at 2 Lafayette St. at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday and after a quick trip through the metal detector, I was ushered up to the 17th floor.

They didn’t check IDs.

Now, once I got to the testing centre, there was a fair bit of red tape to wiggle through.

I had to get a card identifying myself as a police department hopeful from one clerk, then go to a separate room to acknowledge I was indeed here for the NYPD recruitment test, and pay $35 for it.

Then I ventured back to the same clerk to have a receipt signed before being led into a third room to fill out a seating card and be fingerprinted.

(Unfortunately I couldn’t snap pictures of any of this — they monitor mobile phone usage like hawks.)

nypd testMy test

Photo: Abby Rogers/Business Insider

After that, I was led to a computer room where the real activity began.You have about two and a half hours to answer an 85-question test. The test involves studying pictures and answering corresponding questions based on memory, quickly learning police procedures, and answering directional questions — but, thankfully, no maths.

Quite a few questions showed a generic outline of a string of buildings and asked what the buildings would look like from the back or from across the street.

Some of the test proved somewhat difficult — it is after all quite a bit of information to memorize in a short amount of time — but I was a bit surprised at how easy most of the exam seemed to be.

When I called the recruitment centre last week, they said they do not keep figures on the number of people who pass the test but you need to score at least 70 per cent to be considered eligible for admittance into the academy.

You can try your hand at the exam with the online practice tests provided by the department.

I scored 78.824 per cent in a little more than one hour. Once applicants have taken the test, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services compiles of list of names of those who passed and the police department picks the most qualified to continue on in the process.

So now, I get to play the waiting game.

Just to be clear, we are not denigrating the NYPD. Most of the officers out there on the streets are great and very capable.

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