Listen To The 911 Call That Uncovered NYPD's Secret Spy Hub In New Jersey

nypd police satellite

Photo: Illustration: Ellis Hamburger

In 2009 a New Jersey building superintendent stumbled on an apartment near Rutgers University that the New York Police Department was using to spy on Muslims, the AP reports.  The superintendent called the New Brunswick police 911 line  because the room contained no furniture except two beds and no clothing except one suit. 

The apartment did contain NYPD radios, two computers, dozens of plastic boxes filled with Muslim literature, pictures of “terrorists” and pictures of the neighbouring building.

From AP

The NYPD kept files on innocent sermons, recorded the names of political organisers in police documents and built databases of where Muslims lived and shopped, even where they were likely to gather to watch sports. Out-of-state operations, like the one in New Brunswick, were one aspect of this larger intelligence-gathering effort. 

After the 911 call, New Brunswick police and the FBI rushed to the apartment complex as none of them had been told that the NYPD was in town.

An undercover NYPD officer had used a fake name to rent the apartment, New Brunswick attorneys told the AP.

Below is the 911 call, which was only released last week after the AP sued the New Brunswick Police:

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