There's A White Flag Over The Brooklyn Bridge, And The Police Don't Know Why It's There

New York City officials don’t know why a white flag was flying over the Brooklyn Bridge on Tuesday morning, but the police say they are investigating the matter.

Business Insider called the city Department of Transportation, which operates and maintains the bridge, and was told the flag was a police matter. An officer with the office of the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner for Public Information subsequently told us they don’t know why the flag is atop the bridge.

“We have no idea,” the officer said. “It’s being investigated right now, so we have no comment whatsoever. We don’t know anything.”

Local blog Gothamist quoted a local resident who said a police officer told her they believed the flag was part of a film shoot. Business Insider reached out to the city’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting to ask if there was a film shoot on the bridge. They referred us to the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, which did not immediately respond to a request.

Photos of the mysterious flag that are currently spreading like wildfire on social media. View some of the pictures below.

This post was updated to note reports of a film shoot at 10:52 a.m.

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