5 Vintage Photos Of The New York Police Department

New York’s finest get to see every side of the city — from Times Square on New Year’s Eve to the seedy underbelly of the subways.

A handful of old photos from the New York Police Department were recently released when New York City’s Department of Records digitized over 870,000 old photos and put them in an online Municipal Archives Collection this month.

Coming from the ’30s and ’40s, these pictures show off public campaigns run by the NYPD as well as some emergencies the officers responded to.

Here’s a photo taken for a police safety campaign on September 14, 1940.

The Police Academy offered a self defence demonstration at the NYC Building of the World’s Fair in Flushing, N.Y. on June 28, 1940.

The NYPD Emergency Services Unit rescued a horse that fell in a cellar on Avenue M and East 92nd Street in Brooklyn on June 22, 1931.

The NYPD responded to an accident on the “Whooper Coaster” Cross Bay Boulevard in Ozone Park on June 25, 1931.

This is a street car collision on Nostrand and Putnam avenues in Brooklyn on July 7, 1931.

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