This 'NYPD Funeral' Photo That's Going Viral On Twitter Is Not From This Weekend

On Saturday, thousands of men and women in uniform paid their respects at the funeral of Officer Rafael Ramos, one of the two officers who were killed in Brooklyn on December 20th.

Photos of the procession made their way around the internet, but BuzzFeed points out that one in particular continued to be shared all over social media by many NYPD precincts.

But the photo, showing a sea of officers, is not from Ramos’ funeral. 

BuzzFeed reports the photo (above) is from 2007, at the funeral of NYPD Officer Russel Timoshenko, who was also killed in the line of duty. He was only 23.

Many precincts who had shared the photo deleted their tweets after the BuzzFeed article was published.

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