NY Cops Reminded It's Totally Legal For Ladies To Walk Around Topless

Topless Woman BreastsAn Occupy Wall Street protester takes part in activities organised by the movement ‘OWS’ at Foley Square, Lower Manhattan in New York, September 16, 2012.

The New York Times reports that commanding officers reminded each of New York’s 34,000 cops every morning for 10 days that women could go topless on city streets.

The “topless” reminder was revealed in a lawsuit that performance artist Holly Van Voast filed against the NYPD, which arrested her 10 times for baring her breasts.

Van Voast was nabbed for going topless while performing as “Harvey Van Toast,” a mustachioed “topless paparazzo.”

She also strolledĀ toplessĀ up the centre aisle at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and told cops, “I have something to say. This is how I say it,” the NY Post reports. During the most recent episode, police took her to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation, according to the federal lawsuit.

The suit, which includes the NYPD memo, accuses police of violating her civil rights.

New York’s highest court ruled 20 years ago that women are entitled to the same legal rights as men when it comes to going topless. The NYPD memo states that topless women or men can be charged with indecency for lewd acts including masturbation, though.

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