The 29-year-old president of Nylon Media spent his first 2 months on the job asking employees at every level the same questions

Evan Luzzatto. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider
  • Evan Luzzatto was named president of Nylon Media in 2017 after the brand announced it was shuttering its print edition and dismissing employees.
  • On his first day at Nylon, Luzzatto met with every manager across the company one-on-one and spent the following two months meeting with employees at all levels of the brand.
  • Luzzatto asked employees strategic questions to understand how they envisioned the brand’s future – and to build trust.

For nearly 20 years, Nylon Media covered everything from fashion to pop culture in print and digital, before running its final print edition in October 2017. One month prior to that, Evan Luzzatto, 29, was named Nylon Media’s president.

No stranger to Nylon Media Inc., Luzzatto was a member of the company’s board of directors before being named president in September 2017. Previously, he worked on user operations at Facebook from 2011 to 2014 and moved to business development at Snapchat from 2014 to 2017. His father, Marc Luzzatto, is the chairman of Nylon Media, Inc.

On his first day at Nylon, Luzzatto met with every manager across the company one-on-one.

“And then I spent actually the next two months doing one-to-ones with every single person at the company,” Luzzatto told Business Insider. He said he spoke to around 50 employees total.

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In addition to a digital media brand, Nylon Media is also comprised of influencer marketing company Socialyte and a sister brand, Simply, an event conferencing business in Los Angeles – where he flew to continue his one-to-one meetings.

The reasoning behind meeting with each employee at Nylon Media was twofold. Luzzatto said he wanted to hear where employees thought their time should be invested and to build trust and open lines of communication, which, he noted, takes time.

“I truly believe that the best ideas aren’t going to come from me, they’re going to come from the people at every rung of the organisation,” Luzzatto said.

In his meetings, Luzzatto posed strategic questions to his employees to understand how Nylon employees envisioned the brand’s future.

“I asked things like ‘What do you love doing here?’ ‘What would you like see changed?’ ‘How do you feel your department is being utilised?’ and ‘Where would you like to see the company grow?’,” Luzzatto recounted.

He also shared his thoughts on where he thinks young leaders go wrong, noting, “They spend too much time talking. And I really didn’t want to start off that way. I have been on the other end of it and I always wished there were times where my managers would have spent more time listening and less time sort of delegating,” he said.

Overall, he said that he hopes those meetings set the tone for the company’s future and for how he wants to work with his employees: “I’m here to listen to your ideas and hopefully remove roadblocks for us to accomplish goals together.”