The 10 Most Dangerous Intersections In Manhattan For Pedestrians

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world for pedestrians.

But it can also be a dangerous city for pedestrians.

Whether you are darting across the street against a red light, or simply too immersed in your phones to pay attention to traffic, Manhattan’s pedestrians take their lives into their hands on a daily basis.

Dangerous Roads NYC seeks to use the NYPD’s somewhat sparse data on auto collisions to map out these dangers. Enter any address, or a route between two addresses, and a mode of transportation (car, bike, pedestrian), and the site will give a helpful map showing either the 5 or 10 most dangerous spots near the address or along the route.

The data was drawn from the NYPD and coded by John Kauss.

Jared Stone, the website’s found notes that the data the NYPD makes publicly available is indeed fragmented. Specifically, it only accounts for incidents in intersections, not in between Manhattan’s many cross streets.

Here are the 10 most dangerous intersections in Manhattan for pedestrians according to Dangerous Roads NYC:

10) Broadway/ E 17th St/ Union Square West

1 fatality, 5 injuries

9) Lexington Ave/ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd

1 fatality, 7 injuries

8) 3rd Ave/ E 22nd St

1 fatality, 7 injuries

7) Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd/ W 145th St

1 fatality, 8 injuries

6) Frederick Douglass Blvd/ 145th St

0 fatalities, 10 injuries

4 tie) 8th Ave/ W 42nd St

0 fatalities, 14 injuries

4 tie) 9th Ave/ W 42nd St

0 fatalities, 14 injuries

3) 1st Av/ E 23rd St

1 fatality, 13 injuries

2) 8th Ave/ W 34th St

0 fatalities, 17 injuries

1) Amsterdam Ave/ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd

0 fatalities, 20 injuries

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