These incredible pieces of art are made out of hundreds of pieces of candy

While there are plenty of panels and celebrity sighting to be had at New York Comic Con, some of the coolest items to look at during the four day event is the artwork on display, and there is plenty of it!

So far, these intricate displays made out of pieces of M&Ms and Jelly Belly jelly beans are some of the best pieces of art we’ve seen. 

Check them out below. 


The M&M's booth has a portrait of a Darth Vader. It may look like a drawing, but it's not.

Kim Renfro/Tech Insider

Take a close look, and he's made entirely out of M&Ms.

Kim Renfro/Tech Insider

This portrait is made out of 5,544 pieces of candy, an M&M representative told Tech Insider.

Kim Renfro/Tech Insider

He's not the only 'Star Wars' themed-portrait on the showroom floor. There's an entire Yoda piece made out of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Kim Renfro/Tech Insider

Who would have thought so many blue and purple jelly beans would be needed to bring the Jedi Master to life?

Kim Renfro/Tech Insider

Not to be outdone, Darth Vader also has his own Jelly Belly shrine.

Not all of them are dedicated to 'Star Wars.' Here's one of the Dark Knight!

He's still a work in progress.

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