NYC: If You’re Paying Full Price For Broadway Tickets This Winter, You’re Cheating Yourself

Broadway Lion King

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If your thinning cash flow has kept you out of New York City’s pricey theatre District this year, winter is primetime for scoring major discounts on tickets.For starters, you might want to hop on the Broadway Week train.

Through this Friday, 20 blockbuster Broadway musicals and plays are offering two-for-one tickets for theatergoers.

It’s the third Broadway Week promotion for the city, which sold 38,000 tickets during the last campaign in September.

You won’t find the perpetually sold-out Book of Mormon on the list, but there are a ton of classics like “Chicago” and “The Lion King”, along with new hits like Sex And The City alum Cynthia Nixon’s widely-acclaimed turn in “Wit”.

That’s not to say we’ll judge you for taking your date to the new Spider Man musical either. 

You’ve got till Feb. 4 to nab tickets for these shows over at

If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, here’s good news: Off-Broadway Week starts today, Jan. 30.

Through Feb. 17, dozens of off-Broadway shows like “Rent” and “Avenue Q” are offering the same two-for-one deal. See a full list of shows here.

Now, if you’re willing to weather the cold and hedge your bets, there’s a way to score even better discounts on shows this month. Check out the 20-for-20 promotion going on right now.

For off-Broadway plays, theatres are offering all leftover tickets for $20 to people who line up 20 minutes before showtime through Feb. 6. The best part is you’re not roped into buying a pair of tickets if you only want one. 

20-for-20 has about the same line-up as the Off-Broadway week promotion, and it could be the better bargain.

I managed to score fourth-row seats to “Rent” that would have cost twice as much if I’d picked them up through the Off-Broadway Week promotion.  

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