The New Trend For Office Workers Is A Lunchtime Trip To The Nightclub

Instead of eating lunch at their desks, workers are going clubbing for an hour at daytime dance parties that are springing up in New York City and around the world.

The trend first started in Sweden with Lunch Beat, dreamed up by Molly Range, Forbes reported last year.

Range had envisioned an event reminiscent of “Fight Club” where white collar workers could go crazy in the middle of the day. “You don’t talk about your job at lunch beat,” she told Forbes. “If it’s your first dance at lunch beat, you have to dance.”

Unlike “Fight Club,” though, everyone talks about Lunch Beat. The not-for-profit, $15 lunch dance parties have expanded to cities like Boston, Montreal, NYC, Seattle, and Vienna.

Culture website Flavorpill also throws a lunch party in New York City. Called “Lunch Break,” and it has been growing in popularity since last summer, according to The New York Times.

The Flavorpill events take place on Fridays from 1-2 PM, and attendees get a drink ticket for a free cocktail of vodka and fruit punch, as well as a paper bag lunch with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple when they leave.

The NYT’s Sheila Marikar attended a Lunch Break event in April, and wrote that the 9-to-5 workers danced to DJ-spun hip hop and electronic music as if it were 2 a.m. 

It might as well be. Most of the NYC mid-day parties take place at popular nightclubs, such as Marquee and The Standard’s Le Bain. There’s usually a live DJ, glow sticks, and wayfarers for guests to wear during the hour-long dance parities.

The only real differences are that no one’s drunk, everyone’s wearing their work clothes, and you will be back at your desk in an hour.

See Flavorpill’s video from their party at Le Bain below.

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