Fortune: NYC Business Schools Stink


Fortune Small Business“best colleges for entrepreneurs” list leaves off both high-end New York City business schools, Columbia and NYU’s Stern.

FSB picked 26 full-time MBA programs and 25 undergrad programs for entrepreneurs, based on qualitative research including interviews with entrepreneurs, professors, students, alumni, and VCs. Silicon Valley’s Stanford and U.C. Berkeley made both general lists. NYC’s Columbia and NYU didn’t make either list.  Hard to tell whether this problem is with the schools themselves or with Fortune Small Business: Columbia was ranked overall no. 10 by BusinessWeek and no. 6 by Forbes, with NYU No. 14 and No. 11, respectively.

Both schools did excel in niche categories: NYU made the cut for part-time executive MBA programs and double-major programs, for example. And both schools were listed among top picks for “social entrepreneurs” who “aim to give back to society while running a profit-making venture.”

Why do business school rankings matter? Because business schools are more about perception and social networking than curriculum. If everyone thinks the school you went to blows–it blows (and, by association, you blow, no matter how awesome your accounting professor was).