Here are the unique names the NYC 'Taxi King' had for his 22 companies that went bankrupt

In July 2015, Evgeny “Gene” Freidman — New York City’s one-time “Taxi King” — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for 22 of his companies after defaulting on a $US34 million loan from Citibank.

Those 22 companies held a total of 46 taxi medallions, the metal plates on the hoods of yellow cabs that allow them to legally pick up people on the streets. Freidman at one time was one of New York City’s biggest taxi owners with over 800 medallions.

But perhaps even more interesting than the story of Freidman’s rise and fall is simply the names of his cab companies. Freidman has named his companies after various liquors, foods, and exotic locations.

Here’s the list of Freidman’s 22 companies that filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy:

  • Hypnotic Taxi LLC
  • Vodka Taxi LLC
  • Pudding Taxi Inc
  • Chopard Taxi Inc
  • Iceberg Taxi Inc
  • Milkyway Cab Corp
  • Vsop Taxi Inc
  • Cupcake Taxi LLC
  • Dorit Transit Inc
  • Hennessey Taxi Inc
  • Candy Apple Taxi LLC
  • Stoli Taxi Inc
  • Pointer Taxi LLC
  • Palermo Taxi Inc
  • Marseille Taxi LLC
  • Bombshell Taxi LLC
  • Merlot Taxi LLC
  • France Taxi LLC
  • Bourbon Taxi LLC
  • Chianti Taxi LLC
  • Pinot Noir Taxi LLC
  • Butterfly Taxi LLC

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