Both Kinds Of New York Swingers Parties Are Hurting Because Of The Recession

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Photo: Carousel Club

The sex industry has long been called recession-proof, but swingers say that is completely untrue, according to the Daily News.Apparently swinger parties have definitely been impacted by the recession; attendance is down and membership has dwindled.

There are two types of swingers parties. The roaming kind and the stationary kind. Apparently neither is holding up well in the downturn.

One reason why: swinging is expensive. Admission to stationary parties is usually between $110 to $150 for couples, and $50 for a single woman. But sometimes, like in East Hampton, you might pay much more, up to $300.

Party organisers haven’t changed admission prices in the downturn, largely because their patrons include people who work in “more stressful professions such as lawyers, bankers, entrepreneurs, and teachers.” Read: they’re people who are supposed to be able to afford it.

But many people have stopped paying to swing.

A few examples of companies that have seen attendance drop:

  • DDeviousDelights, which hosts roaming swingers parties, says their attendance has plummeted by between 30-40%.
  • One Leg Up, a roaming, high-end swingers event, said their attendance has been dropping 20% a year since ’07. Member numbers slumped so badly the founder cut annual fees from $900 to $550.
  • Carousel Couples Club in Manhattan has seen their attendee numbers nosedive by 60%.

The only club that has weathered the financial storm is Behind Closed Doors, a less expensive club with free membership.

From the Daily News,

A couple… explained that the sluggish economy has thinned out local swinging parties, saying, “If you want to save money, you can stay home and get laid for free.”

“They used to say sex was an industry that was not affected by the recession — that’s not true.”

For more details, go to the Daily News >

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