IN PICTURES: What The New York City Subway Was Like In 1973

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Photo: Erik Calonius / EPA

The New York City subway is a remarkable place where tension and temperatures often run high.Although brawls are known to erupt on the train and amenities such as air conditioning and regular schedule are unreliable, the city’s subway system is regarded to be the best in the world.

Looking back at what the subway was like back in 1973, we can surely appreciate the condition of the current trains and stations.

125th Street Elevated Train Platform

Interior of Graffiti-Marked Subway Car

Commuters on Subway

Herald Square Subway Station

Man Backs Away from Roar of Subway Train

Many Subway Cars in New York City Have Been Spray-Painted by Vandals

Union Square Street Musicians

Trains Like This One Have Been Spray-Painted

Vandals Have Spray-Painted Messages on Walls of This Subway Station (116th Street)

A Frustrated Driver Sits through A Traffic Jam in Herald Square.

A Woman Waits for A Train at the 79th Street Station

Times Square Subway Station and Subway Graffiti

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