NYC Startup Group Commerce Raises An Additional $10 Million And Says It Could Have Raised More

group commerce jonty kent andrew glenn
Jonty Kelt is CEO and Andrew Glenn is CTO of Group Commerce

Group Commerce, an ex-Googler company that’s making a daily deals platform for publishers, just raised another $10 million from Spark Capital, Carmel Ventures, Lerer Media Ventures and Bob Pittman.

That’s in addition to the $8.5 million it already had. The founders say they could have raised more but “decided to stick with insiders.” CEO Jonty Kelt told All Things D, “The topline is that things are going really well. We wanted to accelerate what we were doing.”

Things are going well for the five-month old startup, indeed. Current clients include The New York Times, DailyCandy, and Meredith Corporation.

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