11 restaurants worth trying during Restaurant Week in New York City

The Lambs Club/FacebookMake the most of Restaurant Week in NYC this year.

The restaurants participating in this year’s NYC Restaurant Week have been announced – and if you know which ones to snag a reservation at, the event can be a great way to try out some of the best food in the city, without the massive price tag.

Prices run at $US42 for a three-course prix-fixe dinner menu, or just $US29 for lunch.

The “Week,” which takes place between January 22nd and February 9th, has a whopping 370 restaurants participating. Here, we’ve rounded up the top 11 that have the most notable chefs, and highest menu price points.

See below where you can get the best bang for your buck during NYC Restaurant Week.

Aureole – Liberty Room

A two-course lunch at Aureole’s Liberty Room usually runs up to $US38 – so now’s the time to try chef Marcus Ware’s braised veal cheeks, and cavatelli pasta made with squid.


Riverpark’s prix fixe offering for Restaurant Week is almost as vast as their regular menu. Enjoy the whole roasted dorade, which usually costs $US37, for a fraction of the price.

Mission Chinese Food

Offering menu favourites such as the beef brisket – which usually costs $US22 alone – Mission Chinese Food is giving a delightful sampling of their otherwise pricey menu.


This Brooklyn eatery, run by chef Andrew Carmellin of the NoHo Hospitality Group, is offering their otherwise $US37 hanger steak on the dinner prix-fixe menu. Follow that up with a slice of pistachio cake and olive oil gelato – which usually runs for $US12 – and you’ve got a sweet deal.

Tavern62 David Burke

Chef David Burke’s Tavern62 is offering up most of its original menu during the event – making the lobster dumplings and the bison short rib well worth the ticket price.

The Lambs Club Bar

Midtown’s The Lambs Club Bar is offering a few special dishes specifically for the event, as well as a few on-the-regular-menu items like the Faroe Islands salmon dish for dinner – which usually costs $US38 alone.


Hearth, located in the East Village, has created some new menu items for the event – but is also offering their beef ricotta meatballs, which are normally $US25.


This Andalusian tapas bar and restaurant in Battery Park usually offers a chef’s tasting menu for $US65, so the $US42 ticket price for the octopus dish or short rib paired with grilled sourdough bread makes it worth the visit during Restaurant Week.

David Burke Kitchen

For its prix-fixe dinners, David Burke Kitchen is offering plenty of entree options, including its roasted chicken breast – paired with potatoes, mushroom, and chicken sausage fricassee, this dish alone usually goes for $US33.

Boulud Sud

Chef Daniel Boulud’s Mediterranean cuisine at Boulud Sud can usually range in price between $US62 and $US34 for main courses. Its prix-fixe menu offerings include grilled Greek daurade, and the “Egyptian Lamb Cleopatra.”

DB Bistro Moderne

Chef Boulud makes the list twice, this time with his DB Bistro Moderne. While the resturant’s well known dish – the $US35 foie-gras-and-short-rib burger – isn’t on the prix fixe menu, you can get a hanger steak.

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