Take A Tour Through NYC's NFL Sunday Bar Scene

Ariel's NFL Bar Tour Vol. 1

New York City is filled with NFL fans from all over the country.

And on NFL Sunday, each team’s fan finds a place to call home.

We took a tour of the NYC bar scenes one Sunday, and here’s what happened.


Kickoff is in less than one hour. Time to start making moves.

Like finalising my fantasy team, Sir-Vick-A-Lot. Check.

And laying out my Tony Romo jersey (unfortunately) for the Sunday night game. Check.

I left my Brooklyn apartment and traveled towards Business Insider's neck of the woods, the East Village.

First stop: Sidebar. Home to over 20 HDTVs.

The bar wasn't crowded. Perfect, right?

Except for signs like this covering every table. What does a guy have to do to get a seat around here? So we'll move on

Next up was the Village Pourhouse.

The restaurant featured a tremendous array of sports memorabilia.

But it also featured a packed house. And with only minutes to kickoff...I took my chances elsewhere.

My next stop was SNAP. Which, as you can see, is at 248 W. 14th Street. Third time's a charm?

Nope. Not when you're on the east side. I realised the error of my rookie ways when I found a convenience store where I thought a bar would be.

Football-hungry and food-hungry, I booked it over to Duke's at the advice of a friend

The seating area looked spacious. They even decorated for the event.

But the front bar was where it's at. Especially when you're rubbing shoulders with New York City's finest - the FDNY.

Plus, I had the best kitchen view in the house.

All this walking made me thirsty for something spicy.

With the early games at halftime, I decided to catch some street fare. Like this Jets fan.

And another. (Revis was everywhere, just ask Romo.)

Down 34-0 at the break, and with Peyton Manning not walking through that door, this sullen Colts fan had seen enough.

But brother Eli has plenty of female support.

Questionable decision by this Vikings fan.

My next stop brought me to Standings. And a very patriotic Standings, at that.

I quickly deduced the reasoning behind the bar's namesake. The intimate setting isn't conducive to sitting...except for that guy.

A quarter was enough for me. So I was out, kinda like this guy.

I knew I needed to experience at least one team-specific bar. And I found it at Bar None: home of the Vikings.

Minnesota supporters packed the dive's tight quarters to witness the dawning of the Donovan McNabb era.

Heck, even Chris Carter made an appearance.

Before heading home, I decided to give the Pourhouse one final chance. And I was not disappointed.

Mainly because I caught a shot of something you'll never again see in your life - two men sporting Michael Clayton and Terrance McGee jerseys.

Here's a much more common sight these days.

Or this.

But certainly not this. (Sorry Irish fans, it was too easy.)

Bears fans enjoyed a stunning victory.

At this guy's expense.

Loyal Chiefs' fans drank away their sorrows.

Back in Brooklyn, I decided to make one last stop at the neighbourhood bar. Until something suspicious happened at my Borough Hall station.

I arrived at Court Street when I was stopped by these vehicles.

Apparently, police received word of suspicious activity in the area and shut down the block.

But I couldn't leave without getting my wide angle shot of O'Keefe's. It's the one with the neon lights...way off in the distance.

After a long day, it was back home for some R, R and R: rest, relaxation and the Red Zone Channel.

When you're not thwarted by the police, here are some of the best NYC bars to see your team.

How'd I manage to enjoy my alma mater's season opener?

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