NYC Club Sues Drake And Chris Brown For $16 Million Fight Over Rihanna

chris brown drake fight

The club where Drake and Chris Brown got into a physical altercation, reportedly over their shared ex-girlfriend Rihanna, is suing the pair for $16 million.

Entertainment Enterprises, the company that owns the Greenhouse trademark, claims the two artists were responsible for the June 14 brawl at their Manhattan club, W.i.P.

According to the papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday, the pair “began to fight violently with each other” and “made deadly weapons” out of whatever they could find. 

The suit specifically says that, at minimum, the two did nothing to stop the fight between their two entourages, and that they, “Overtook the entire space. Terrorized patrons ran for cover…most were unable to protect themselves.” 

Entertainment Enterprises is also owner of the adjacent club Greenhouse. The lawsuit alleges the melee cost them a $4 million licensing deal. The bar was also temporarily shut down and lost its liquor licence

Police are still investigating the brawl, but no criminal charges have been filed. 

The suit says the stars “should have foreseen that their notoriety and celebrity would ensure that their acts had far reaching and devastating effects.”

One of the injured patrons was NBA star Tony Parker, who was hit in the eye by flying glass and is suing the club for $20 million. 

Maybe the two could just pay the money directly to Parker and call it even.  

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