NYC Delays Launching Its Bike Share Program, Again

nyc citi bike share

[credit provider=”NYC DOT”]

The launch of the long promised, often delayed bike share program for New York City was pushed back again on Friday.In a press release, the New York City Department of Transportation announced the program will begin in May 2013.

In May of this year, the DOT and CitiBank, the program’s sponsor, planned to launch the bike share in July 2012.

The launch was pushed back until August, then to March 2013, according to Transportation Nation.

Those delays were due to problems with the program’s software.

The latest delay is the work of Hurricane Sandy, which flooded the New York City Bike Share (NYCBS) facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, damaging some electrical systems.

According to the press release:

NYCBS is currently working to identify, repair and replace these damaged parts, aided through insurance and supplemented by equipment that wasn’t stored at the Navy Yard, as well as by additional equipment from its supplier and from elsewhere in the delivery pipeline.

When Citi Bike does launch, it will be the largest bike share program in the country, with 5,500 bike at 293 stations in Manhattan (all south of 59th Street) and Brooklyn (all north of Atlantic Avenue).

By the end of 2013, another 1,500 bikes are expected to be installed, in Brooklyn and Long Island City, Queens.